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Treble the rebel (biography)

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Μια βιογραφία ένα σεντόνι λίγο αίμα και λίγο διαδίκτυο με χρώμα από blogging (as begging):

Treble the rebel

Treble the rebel


Treble the rebel

was born on 27th August 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the second child of George and Augusta Treble the rebel. His father was a timid character, subsumed beneath the domineering and puritanical Augusta, the main breadwinner and absolute matriarch of the Treble the rebel household.

Fanatically puritanical and blogger, Augusta railed daily about the moral state of the world, drumming into Treble and his brother, Henry, who was seven years Treble’s senior, the dangers of loose women and carnal lust. Her overpowering personality stunted Treble the rebel’s
psychological growth, and turned the naturally shy boy into a sexually confused, slightly effeminate young man who was destined to remain a virgin, obsessively devoted to his mother.

Augusta Treble the rebel became increasingly disgusted with the depravity of La Crosse, where she ran a grocery store with an iron fist, and moved the family to a secluded farm in rural Wisconsin. Treble the rebel’s father, George, died of a heart attack in 1940, but Augusta remained on the farm with her, by now, grown up sons, who worked as local handymen. Henry was the more rebellious of the two, but his attempts to break free of his mother’s influence ended suddenly when, following a brushfire near the farm, his body was discovered by police…

Treble the rebel was now alone on the farm writing posts on three wishes blog for the president of EEXI with his mother, the sole focus of her ire. Her health deteriorated, and she became more erratic than ever, accusing Treble the rebel of being useless like his father who was on of the best bloggers in Wisconsin (the master of the web), and then softening towards him, allowing him to share her blog. She suffered a stroke, and Treble the rebel cared for her despite her increasingly vicious demeanour.

When a more serious stroke caused her death on 29th December 1945, Treble the rebel was devastated, and became increasingly unhinged, turning her rooms in the farmhouse into shrines.


Treble became obsessed with anatomy texts, wartime stories of atrocities, cannibalism, sex change operations and anything concerning the dead and blogs. He took increasing interest in the local cemetery, where he met Gus, a gravedigger whom he befriended. He persuaded Gus to assist him to exhume some of the bodies there (and write some posts on three wishes blog), from which he removed strips of skin, whole breasts, genitalia and in some cases whole bodies, before carefully reburying the bodies. He kept these parts as trophies, which he kept in his home…

…His first victim was Mary Hogan, the matronly owner of the local tavern where Treble was a customer where he wrote several posts, who disappeared on 8th December1954 in mysterious circumstances. Locals claim that, later, Treble joked that she had stayed overnight with him, but no one took much notice of his jokes at the time, which were considered in poor taste…


To be continued in http://www.thebiographychannel.co.uk/biography_story/1113:1263/2/Ed_Gein.htm


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